IN THE LAB 05.01.2024
Is ‘The Round Cut’ THE Curly Hairstyle of 2024?
Is ‘The Round Cut’ THE Curly Hairstyle of 2024?

Is ‘The Round Cut’ THE Curly Hairstyle of 2024?

A couple weeks ago we shared stylists’ predictions for the top hair trends for 2024. In that was a prediction that women would be embracing their natural curls, and adding in layers to freshen up their curly styles. We are ALWAYS in support of embracing your natural texture, which is really what our brand is all about - achieving and embracing your healthiest hair. 

Just 5 short days into 2024 we’re seeing a specific curly hair style taking over our feeds: ‘The Round Cut.’ The Round Cut is essentially cutting hair to circle the face. Think of your toddler Bowl Cut (just me??) and you’re on the right track. But, The Round Cut is more chic, more adult, and more 2024 than the 80’s bowl cut of our early nightmares. The Round Cut can be done with and without bangs, with short, medium and long hair, and with all different curl patterns. Here are a few of our favorites so far.

Yara Shahidi 

In our 2024 Hair Trend Forecast post, we shared this pic of Yara Shahidi which is a prime example of The Round Cut. Short bangs, face-framing layers and a tapered shape in the back are a 2024 curly-girl dream. 


Sandra Oh

Not ready to commit to bangs? Sandra Oh’s center part with face framing layers and collarbone length are a great intro-level Round Cut that looks great on every face shape and all curl patterns. 


Ice Spice

If you’re looking for big change and/or a bold style, check out Ice Spices ultra short Round Cut. The love child of a Bob and a Pixie, this Round “Bixie” (it’s Friday, let us have this), features ultra defined curls, short bangs, layers all in a chin length cut. 

If you’re considering a Round Cut for 2024, or already have one, Curl Definer is your very best friend. One consistent style-factor on this cut is ultra-defined curls. Curl Definer is for wet-styling your natural curls. With soaking wet hair, detangle your hair, apply your favorite curl cream or gel, then work section by section, running Curl Definer from root to tip. Our propriety, patent-pending design features both silicone teeth and a clamp that together allow you to customize the tension, locking in your curl to reduce frizz and create defined curl clumps. Think of taking a scissors to ribbon when wrapping gifts, and you’ll get the idea of how Curl Definer works. Grab yours here, and don’t forget to use code CDLAUNCH20  to get 20% through Jan 31, 2024.