IN THE LAB 27.02.2023


Meet Anna, a super talented DJ and model currently based in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Russia, Anna moved to NYC 10 years ago to pursue her creative dreams.

We fell in love with Anna’s infectious DJ sets and Instagram realness, where she documents her life in LA with a mix of humor, vulnerability and humility. We caught up with Anna to discuss her relationship with her hair and how she takes care of her locks during the dry winter months. Oh, and she also whipped us up a pretty incredible Wash Day Playlist. Enjoy! 


What do you do for work?

Hi! My name is Anna Krylova. I’m a DJ and model based in Los Angeles. For me, work means being part of cool projects, playing tunes, collaborating with people, studying music and traveling. Modeling keeps me excited while DJing grounds me. They are two completely different flows but the combination is fulfilling.


What do you love to do?

I mean, I absolutely love to work! I feel very privileged and lucky that both of my careers are able to support me and make me happy. When I'm not working, I love to do hot yoga, go vinyl shopping, cook and sleep.


Where do you live?

I now live in Los Angeles and even though I once dreamed of nomad life, I definitely have put my roots down here on the west coast. LA is home now, a beautiful home with amazing people and such unique culture.


How would you describe your relationship with your hair?

I’ve gone through different eras, I had my blonde days and my black hair days. A decade ago, I went for my natural color and haven’t colored it ever since. This is my virgin hair and its natural color. I love that it’s healthy and low maintenance.


What are your go-to hair products and tools?

I absolutely love cute hairstyles when I’m DJing. I go out of my comfort zone and do high buns, braids and lots of hair accessories. I love a good clarifying shampoo once a week and I always try to put on a nice hair mask before my yoga class. 


What's your winter hair routine?

Growing up in Russia, winter is definitely cold and wearing a hat (and scarf and gloves!) is a must. Hair gets frizzy so I loved a good french braid or sleek low ponytail. Cute hair ties are my go-to during colder months.


How has your winter hair routine changed since moving to LA?

I almost never blow dry my hair anymore. Since living in LA, I just let it air dry. My hair already gets damaged enough on shoots, so I keep it VERY simple. I like to use some oil on my ends as it dries and that’s about it!