IN THE LAB 27.07.2023
The Secret to Barbie's Perfect Hair
The Secret to Barbie's Perfect Hair

The Secret to Barbie's Perfect Hair


Life in plastic, it's fantastic! Why? Because our girl, Barbie, wakes up with perfect hair every day, with zero effort. What's her secret? How does she do it?


The secret to perfect hair is healthy hair, and Helix Hair Labs has just the tools to help improve the health of your hair so you, too, can wake up with your dream hair, every day. 


Protect your hair with Sleep Sleeve

The first step to Barbie's Dream Hair (tm) is sleep protection. Enter Sleep Sleeve. Barbies with curls protect their curls, keeping curl clumps intact as they toss and turn throughout the night so they have salon-level curls each day. Barbies with straight hair preserve their blowouts, waking up to bouncy, shining hair each morning. And, Barbies love Helix Hair Labs' Sleep Sleeve because, unlike many other options, like bonnets, Sleep Sleeve actually stays on your head all night long. 


Barbie Helix Hair Labs Silk SlipTie

Style your hair with minimal damage and maximum versatility


The next step in Barbie's Dream Hair Arsenal (tm), is Helix Hair Labs' Silk SlipTie. Barbies around the world would never use elastic hair ties that tug and break their hair. Why? Dream Hair = Healthy Hair = Undamaged Hair. Silk SlipTie is made of 100% mulberry silk, which is the safest material to touch your hair.


Plus, Barbies love versatility. Silk Slip Tie can be worn as a scrunchie, sure. But it can also be worn as a headband, braided into your hair, or even worn as a wrist or bag accessory. The possibilities are endless... just like Barbie's jobs. 


Get your own Barbie's Dream Hair (tm) with Helix Hair Labs today!