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How to Maintain your Hairstyle for Exercise
How to Maintain your Hairstyle for Exercise

How to Maintain your Hairstyle for Exercise

Raise your hand ✋ if you’ve spent cumulative hours over the years running the calculus of wash day, social/work plans, balanced with your workout. Picture us in front of our Minority Report style virtual board, moving washdays around a transparent calendar. Turns out, a good hair day and a good workout are not mutually exclusive - it just takes the right tools, products and a little preparation and you, too, can have it all (well, when it comes to hair). Here’s how we’re maintaining our hairstyles while exercising. 

*Note, for blowouts: these tips work well for straight and wavy hair blowouts. If you’ve blown out your curls, these tips will help maintain the lengths of your hair, but aren’t great at helping maintain straightened roots. We’re still testing tips there - if you’ve got some, please share with us at or on IG @helixhairlabs and we’ll share back!

Pre Workout

A little prep goes a long way. To prevent excess sweat through the lengths of your hair, keep your hair off your neck. 

If your hair is straight and amenable to brushing while dry, start by brushing your hair. We love to add a little hair oil/serum just to the ends of our hair pre-workout so it absorbs during the workout. Then, pull your hair up with Silk SlipTie. If you have a blowout*, wrap your hair in a top knot, bun style, to maintain the body from your blowout. If you have curls, you’ll want to pineapple your hair on top of your head. 


Silk SlipTie is great for workouts for a number of reasons:

  1. 100% mulberry silk is super gentle and won’t crease or dent your style, no matter how tightly you cinch it. 
  2. Our patent-pending design allows you to tie your hair at different sizes, so folks with beautiful curls can style a wider poof while folks with finer, straighter hair can cinch to a tight scrunchie - so versatile! 
  3. It’s washable! That’s right, our silk is washable. So no worrying about getting your silk sweaty - just toss it in the washing machine with your clothes. 

Post Workout

After your workout, “wash” your hair with our favorite showerless shampoo from our friends at Swair. Swair’s showerless shampoo works like a dry shampoo, in that you use it on day two (and beyond) hair, but unlike typical dry shampoos, it actually cleans your hair, leaves no powdery residue, and is 99.4% natural ingredients. 


Unwrap Silk SlipTie, then spray your hair (roots and length) with Swair Showerless Shampoo - don’t overdo it; less is more. Pat your hair with a towel to remove the dirt. Finally, give your hair a quick blowdry to get out the remaining sweat, or let your hair air dry. 

Your hair should be looking fresh - just touch up any parts that may need a little love and you’re good to go. 

There you have it! No more skipping workouts in favor of your hair… no more planning your exercise around your plans and wash schedule. Just good hair days from here on out.