IN THE LAB 08.12.2023
Behind the Design: Silk SlipTie
Behind the Design: Silk SlipTie

Behind the Design: Silk SlipTie


If our beloved Silk SlipTie isn’t already your favorite hair accessory, it’s simply because you don’t have it in your own hands and hair yet. Silk SlipTie is THE most versatile, hair-damage-minimizing accessory you can have in your hair arsenal, and we’re here today to show you why you need (yes, need) one (or, one in each color). Let’s get behind the design of Silk SlipTie and show you how it works, ways to use it, and why it’s so amazing. Let’s go!

Inside Silk SlipTie:

First, let’s x-ray inside Silk SlipTie to show you its inner core. 

There are four main components that give Silk SlipTie its versatility and elevated design:


Our durable yet extra stretchy internal elastic allows you to pull Silk SlipTie as tight as you want to firmly hold your hair in place.



Five beads, attached to the elastic inside the silk, catch the elastic loop (F.3) allowing you to secure SlipTie at different intervals.



At one end of Silk SlipTie you’ll find a small, silk covered elastic loop. This loop allows you to feed the loose tail (F.4) end through and cinch to your desired size. This loop catches on the hidden beads (F.2) to secure.



The loose tail at the opposite end from F.3 provides both form and function. Once you’ve pulled the loose tail through the small silk covered loop at the other end, and cinched to your desired placement, you have an Hermes-inspired loose silk tie to play with. Wrap it around your hair for an extra tight fit, braid it into your hair, or let it hang loose for elevated style.


Behind the Material: 100% Washable Mulberry Silk

We believe that every time you touch your hair you are either working towards or against your hair goals. While hair accessories don’t necessarily improve your hair’s health, they can certainly detract from it, introducing damage from breakage, so we made Silk SlipTie out of a premium grade 100% mulberry silk. Silk is the gentlest material for your hair because the fibers are smooth and fine, introducing the least amount of friction, which can harm the hair cuticle and lead to frizz and breakage. Additionally, silk is less absorbent than other fibers like cotton and bamboo, which can sap moisture from your hair.


Finally, our silk is washable, so you can toss it in the washing machine (cold water, please) without worry. How is this silk washable, you may ask? It simply means the silk was pre-washed before we made the SlipTie, so the shrinkage silk is prone to has already occurred. 

How to Use & How to Style:

No matter the style, the basics of how to use Silk SlipTie are the same. Simply slip the Loose Tail (F.4) through the Elastic Loop (F.3) at the opposite end. Then, pull tight to adjust to your preferred size. You’ll feel the elastic loop catching on the internal beads (F.2) as you pull it tighter. These beads will help hold the elastic loop at your desired placement. 

Hot tip: we prefer to pull the elastic loop to our desired placement before we put in our hair. 



Wear Silk SlipTie as a crowning headband. Slip the loose tail through the small elastic pull over the first internal bead. Then slip the circle over your head and pull a little tighter if needed. You can keep the tail side at the nape of your neck, like the image on the left, or put it at the crown with a knot like the image on the right. 


To use Silk SlipTie like a scrunchie, start the same way. Slip the loose tail through the small elastic loop, then pull to your desired size:

  • For thicker, curlier hair, you may leave a larger circle than a standard scrunchie so you can use it to style your hair into a puff. 
  • For thinner or finer hair, you may pull SlipTie so the circle is about the same size as an average scrunchie.

Either way, put it in your hair like a standard scrunchie, then loop the loose end around the base of your puff, ponytail or bun as many times as needed, leaving enough tail to tuck back into the scrunchie to secure it.




One way WE love to style Silk SlipTie is braiding the tail into our hair (below image, left). This starts with the scrunchie style described above. Once SlipTie is securing your ponytail like a scrunchie, leave the tail loose. Divide your ponytail into two rather than three. Use the tail of SlipTie as the third section, and braid as usual! To secure, leave a little extra tail at the bottom of the braid, then wrap it around the hair and tuck it into that wrap and tug tight.

The ways to style Silk SlipTie are truly endless. We’ve heard of folks using it to pull hair out of the face during their skincare routine, and others using it for gentle pineappling during sleep. Others have gotten super creative in binding hairstyles similar to braiding (above image, right). Grab your Silk SlipTie today and be sure to tag us - we can’t wait to see what you come up with!