IN THE LAB 26.12.2023
A GAME CHANGER for your Curls
A GAME CHANGER for your Curls

A GAME CHANGER for your Curls

Curly friends, gather ‘round. We are changing your curl game with the first tool expressly designed to give you your best curls ever. We are thrilled to introduce Curl Definer - a gravity-defying tool for gravity-defying curls. 




Curl Definer is for wet-styling curly hair to give you well-defined, juicy, bouncy, frizz-minimized curls, consistently. Perfect for your wash-and-go or a piece-by-piece refresh on day two, three, five, and beyond.

Who Curl Definer is For

Curl Definer is for all folx with curly hair (not wavy or straight) looking to achieve salon-level curls at home. We tested Curl Definer on all hair types from 4C-2C with 100% intent to purchase. Curl Definer won’t give you curls if you don’t already have them, but if you do, it’ll give you your very best curls.

About Curl Definer

Curl Definer comes with three primary components:

  1. Curl Definer - 
    • Curl Definer is a clamp with upper and lower parts made of soft-touch plastic.
    • The lower portion of the clamp features a “paddle” shape that creates customizable tension with the Silicone Teeth and smooths the curl segment reducing frizz.
  2. Silicone Teeth - the Silicone Teeth easily pull off Curl Definer to clean. The material creates gentle tension to create ultimate curl definition without introducing breakage.
  3. Magnetic Dock - Curl Definer comes with a separate Magnetic Dock in the package that curl definer rests upon in a gravity-defying way. You can mount the Magnetic Dock using the enclosed, removable 2-sided sticky tape to any smooth surface, such as shower tiles, the shower door, or a mirror (wherever you style your curls). Or, you can simply rest the dock on your countertop and set Curl Definer in the dock when not in use, or grabbing a new curl section.

How to Use Curl Definer

Curl Definer is for wet-styling curls, then air-drying or drying with a diffuser or hood hairdryer. It works best on soaking wet hair, so we recommend using Curl Definer in the shower or straight out of the shower. 

With your hair soaking wet, detangle your hair, then add your favorite curl product (gel, cream, etc). Working in small sections, clamp a section of hair in Curl Definer at the root and pull down to the end of the hair section.

Tip: play around with the size of the section, the amount of pressure applied to the clamp, and which direction you place the clamp to achieve your own version of the perfect curl.