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2024 Academy Awards Hair Trends
2024 Academy Awards Hair Trends

2024 Academy Awards Hair Trends


We can’t help ourselves, we love Oscar’s night. The build-up to the night - celeb reaction videos when learning of their nominations. Binge-watching as many Best Picture nominees so we know who we’re rooting for and can be appropriately pleased or dismayed as the winners are announced. The simple pleasure of watching the extreme glam of the red carpet from the comfort of our sweatpants. It’ll come as no surprise to learn that we love doing a little hair trend spotting during any red carpet and Sunday’s 2024 Academy Awards did not disappoint. Check out the four big trends we spotted on the Oscar’s red carpet… and heads up - you might want to book an appointment with your hairstylist. We have a feeling you might be considering a chop.

The overall hair theme of the night was “glamour.” Gone are the days of messy, undone hair. Gone is the dirty/wet hair trend of the past couple years. No matter the style, everyone’s hair was Done with a capital D. 


Glam Bobs

It’s official. Bobs are the hairstyle of 2024 and they were styled to perfection this year. 

Carey Mulligan

Carey’s bob was the most straightforward of the night. Her chin length bob was styled pin straight with a center part, and a slight curl under the chin. It was the perfect complement to her simple, strapless gown with full arm gloves. But, the beauty of her style is that it’d work equally well with jeans and a tee. This is your go-to, every day bob you can actually wear… and more importantly, style yourself. 


Zendaya can do no wrong. Her bob was maybe more of a lob, collarbone length with tons of movement. Featuring a deep side part and styled to mimic side swept bangs, the bottom flipped out in a way that was almost reminiscent of 1950’s era Barbie. 

America Ferrera 

Speaking of Barbie… America Ferrera featured one of the more “undone” styles of the night. Her simple, chin length bob featured a side part with easy texture - striking a balance between straight and wavy. It was a nice counter to her pink, sparkly, Barbie-esque gown. 

Florence Pugh

We loved Florence’s piece-y, textured bob. A shoulder grazing length, her style featured a deep side part with a lot of volume and layering. It felt cool and modern yet timeless. 



Old Hollywood Glamour

Long live old Hollywood glamour. It is a universally “flattering” (ugh) style that can work on nearly all hair lengths and types. Pretty consistently, this style features deep side parts, voluminous waves, and one side back, one side front. 


Becky G

Becky G performed The Fire Inside, nominated for Best Song, and she definitely brought the fire. Her hair was classic Old Hollywood, no notes, no deviation from the assignment. Big night, big hair. We approve. 

Da’Vine Joy Randolph

Best Supporting Actress Oscar WINNER (!!!!) Da’Vine Joy Randolph went blonde to complement her gorgeous ice blue sequined dress. Nothing says “Hollywood” like an Academy Award, so we’d say her hair was a bit of “dress for the job you want” - and it sure worked! 

Sleek Waves

Not too dissimilar from the Old Hollywood style, the red carpet brought out a lot of sleek waves. The difference, here, is that the style doesn’t feature the same volume. The waves are a bit more contained at the bottom, there’s less volume at the top, and the side part is optional. 

Emma Stone

We absolutely loved Two Time Best Actress Academy Award winner Emma Stone’s (heretofore how she shall be known… until that ‘two’ becomes a ‘three’+) sleek waves. Styled with a center part and slight volume at the crown, she kept her hair behind her shoulders, letting her face and dress do the talking. 

Lily Gladstone

Best Actress Nominee Lily Gladstone’s hair was a more toned down version of Old Hollywood, which is why we’re thinking of it more as sleek waves. It was perfect - holding the gravitas of the night while taking a backseat to her indigenous jewelry and patterns featured on her gown.

Polished Updo’s

Welcome back to the updo! This year’s updo’s were very streamlined and simple and we’re here for it. 


Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union wore her hair in a straightforward slickback topknot - a style we all know and love. It allowed her gorgeous necklace and dress to take center stage. 

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt also work a top bun, but, much like the shoulders of her dress, hers featured volume. While still “unfussy,” Emily’s hair was a looser take on top knot/bun from Gabrielle’s. It added a touch of softness to the formed bodice of her gown. 

Greta Lee

Another no-fuss, tres chic updo this time in the form of a slicked back chignon with a side part. It was the perfect compliment to her statement earrings and the high collar/scarf detailing of her dress. 

All in, the hair was hair-ing. It was chic, it was ‘done’ and worthy of the occasion and the fashion. But also? It was… wearable. These are hairstyles that we can play off of ourselves. What was your fav? Let us know, but hang tight, gotta call the salon and book our appointments to chop off all our hair.